1. What is Buzzride?
  2. Is Buzzride Free?
    • Yes, Buzzride is free.
  3. Any specific restriction on using Buzzride?
  4. How do I access and login to Buzzride?
    • Buzzride is available online via www.buzzride.com or via mobile application store.
    • To download the Buzzride Mobile App, you may go to the App Store or Google Play icons display on:
      1. Your smart phone.
      2. Our home page footer.
    • You may create a Buzzride profile and password to access the application. Alternatively, you may choose to login via Facebook.
  5. How do I reset my Buzzride password?
    • There is a Forgot Password? link that will help you to reset your password. An instructional email will be send to your registered email account to reactivate your Buzzride account. Try to check your spam box if it is not found in your inbox.
  6. How do I ensure my data privacy?
  7. Will Buzzride function offline (network turned off)?
    • Buzzride requires a network connection from your smartphone (either iOS/Android) to an ISP (Internet Service Provider), either via WiFi or 3G connections, to transmit data. Buzzride will not be able to function if the network is not available or turned off.
  8. Will Buzzride still functional if the GPS or Location Service turned off?
    • If you would like to search on something around you, Buzzride requires the GPS or location service turned on to identify your current location.
  9. What is the Buzzride search coverage?
    • There are total of 13 Categories in Buzzride at the moment and it is still continuing to grow. There is public information like POI (Places of Interest) which will lead you to information like location of patrol stations, police stations, government departments, cinema and more. It also includes merchant information, covering households, lifestyle, leisure, safety, dining, travelling, education and many more.
  10. How do I perform a search?
    • Buzzride Webpage

      There is a search box in our main page which allows you to key in your search criteria. You may also select the category icons

      from the category bar to look for information related to a specific category.

      Buzzride will display the search results around you by default. You may change the search location using the "current location/where are you" bar if you would like to search based on a different location.

    • Buzzride Mobile App

      The "MY DASHBOARD" has all the categories displayed and you may select the category icons (ie: Sample Category icons) to look for information related to a specific category. Categories can be accessed via the menu as well.

      Alternatively, you may type your searching criteria in the "START SEARCHING HERE" bar. This mobile search bar conveniently has search features that highlight the recent keywords search, trending keywords and advance search.

      Buzzride will display the search result around you by default.

  11. The search result has no display the result I am looking for. What should I do?
    • Try using our advance search filter under Advance Search Icon in the Webpage or "Sorting and Filters" bar in the mobile app, displayed on the results page.
  12. What is the information available from the search result?
    • Except the public information like POI(Places of interest), all shops will have their own homepage (Microsite) which will consists of an introduction to the shop, their branches and contacts, operation hours, products or services offered, and any promotion or update of the particular shop.

      You may share the merchant's homepage link or post the merchant's photo to Facebook and Instagram. The application also allows user to check-in () their location or contact the shop via chat or call.

      There is also driving directions in map view to lead you to the shop. Look for Directions (in web) or (in mobile) at the bottom of the search result page.

  13. How do I get updates from my favourite shop?
    • With our "Favourites" features, you can follow your favourite shops by clicking on the "Favourite" icon.
  14. What can I do with the list of favourite shops under my favourite icon?
    • In the mobile app, you may group your favourite shops according to your own preferences and categorize them with your own definition. These favourite groups will be displayed as a new category icon on your dashboard. For there you can also drag, drop or re-position your category icons.
  15. Can I leave a comment or rate a shop?
    • Yes, you can leave a comment and rate the shop. Look for “Rate Us” link under the shop's homepage (microsite) via Buzzride platforms.