Why should I choose Buzzride?

Buzzride is an exciting new way instantly grow your customer base.

Get Bigger

Buzzride is a dynamic online marketing platform that connects even the smallest merchant to a huge audience. By using Buzzride, a single-store family business can even the playing field, and stand side by side the international chains. Which is great for buyers and sellers, as it enhances variety in the market.

Get Digital

With Buzzride's framework, a business is able to create their own microsite. Providing a very cost effective way to develop an online presence and connect with a wealth of new customers. This can be customised to make each business eye catching and unique.

Get Noticed

Unlike other popular search engines, a merchant will appear based on location or relevance, not how many previous visits their website has had. So, with just a stylish and up-to-date microsite a business becomes instantly more clickable on Buzzride.

Get More

By expanding into the Buzzride sphere, there are automatically more eyeballs on a business. There is also a Live Chat feature, so merchants can add that personal touch to sealing a sale. So a business is digitally connected to more customers, but still in warm, friendly way.

If this sounds like a new boost you’d love for you business, click to find out how you can get involved.

Who created Buzzride?

Buzzride was developed in 2014 by the team at Active Directory Advertising. They're passionate about creating digital solutions to make our everyday lives better and easier. They have a rapidly expanding network, striving to develop new digital innovations. If you would like to learn more you can visit their website.